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Mastering Artisan Italian Gelato is an incredibly valuable resource for anyone interested in the art and science behind this unique Italian delicacy." 

– John Nocita, President, Italian Culinary Institute, Stalettì, CZ, Italy

Create your own artisan Italian gelato the way it is done in Italy!

Other gelato books contain recipes, but few of them would be acceptable to a gelato master because they are not balanced – that is, they do not contain the correct proportion of components that true Italian gelatieri insist on. Written for home cooks, gelato enthusiasts, caterers, chefs, and restauranteurs, this beautifully illustrated and definitive artisan gelato guide provides everything you need to get started, including:

  • 228 full-color pages of valuable artisan gelato-making expertise.

  • More than 75 balanced and tested formulas that will withstand scrutiny by any gelato professional in Italy.

  • The process for creating and balancing gelato formulas using the Italian method.

  • The basic science needed to go even further creatively with perfect artisan gelato.

  • Guidance for both small-scale and commercial large-scale artisan gelato production.

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About Gary J. Mihalik

Gary J. Mihalik started making gelato several decades ago, refining his skills while studying in the Masters course at the Istituto Culinario Italiano in Italy. He returned to the Institute a number of times and assisted in teaching courses, primary among them was the week-long gelato course. He also spent a week working side-by-side with Mirko Tognetti, the owner and geletiere of Cremeria Opera in Lucca, and a founding member of Compagnia Gelatieri: Narratori di Gelato (Association of Gelato Makers: Narrators of Gelato), a group dedicated to furthering artisan Italian gelato. In 2015, two years after opening, Cremeria Opera was rated as one of the top gelato shops in Italy by Gambero Rosso magazine.

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“Gelato! When we think of it, most of us have feelings of a delicious, creamy, airy, chilled delicacy. Elusive ecstasy in a cone or cup that can only be found in a few exclusive venues or on your next trip to Italy. Dr. Gary presents the first and only book in English that reveals the secrets behind artisan gelato making. Whether you are a novice or a professional gelatitian, you will learn the science necessary to make perfect gelato and the techniques to make it more intensely flavorful than ever. Mastering Artisan Italian Gelato: Recipes and Techniques will unleash the sweet side of your culinary creativity as no book has ever done before!”

– John Nocita, President, Italian Culinary Institute, Stalettì, CZ, Italy


“Mastering Artisan Italian Gelato is an incredibly valuable resource for anyone interested in the art and science behind this unique Italian delicacy. With 77 gelato formulas and many component ingredient recipes, you will have access to a wealth of information that will help you take your gelato-making skills to the next level. In addition to providing practical, hands-on guidance, the book also offers a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and scientific principles behind the undisputed king of frozen desserts. Whether you are a novice or an expert, I highly recommend Gary’s book. With its comprehensive approach and in-depth coverage of both theory and practice, this book is a must-read for gelato enthusiasts everywhere.”

– Juan M Penzini Granier, Academic Director,  Artisan Culinary School, SL, Altea, Spain

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